Your Google Toolkit

Join me for 4-week online course all about leveraging Google tools.

Starts June 21st, 2021

Leverage the benefits of Google tools and learn about the latest features to overcome barriers to reading, writing, memory, cognition, communication and productivity!

  • Google Chrome
  • Google Keep
  • Google Calendar: The Basics and Beyond
  • Google Drive
  • Google Docs
  • Gmail
  • Google Maps
  • Google Meet
  • Google Accessiblity Review

Cost: $189.00


Learn about two exclusive summer learning opportunities!

Join me for a preview as registration opens for 2 updated self-paced online courses to help you leverage the benefits of tech!

June 9th, 2021 at 1pm EST

Leverage the benefits of Google Tools for Learning, Productivity and Communication

Explore the latest features of primary Google Tools to Empower individuals to overcome barriers to reading, writing, memory, cognition, communication and productivity! This 4 week online course will streamline the process of leveraging the benefits of 7 Google Apps!

Top Tech Tools for success in high school and college
Learn about the top tech tools to support learning, attention and organization in high school and college. In this 4 week online course, we’ll cover the latest updates to support accessing the curriculum, new learning, taking notes and sharing knowledge. We’ll learn about features using Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace for Education as well as strategies and gadgets to support learning.

Cost: FREE


The Ignite Your Kid’s Genius Mini Masterclass Series

Back in May, I was invited by Jean Harville, M.Ed. to share top tech tips to help uniquely-wired kids succeed. 

Here is free access to the recorded discussion. We talked about topics such as the following:

  • How assistive technology is different from tech programs that teach academic skills
  • Why assistive technology is important to use
  • What type of assistive technology tools I recommend to families to help their kids who may struggle with auditory processing, such as those who are on the Autism Spectrum
  • How suggestions for tech features may differ for children or adults with ADHD
  • Suggestions for parents who are wondering how to create a non-distracting environment for their kids and themselves when using their computer to learn
  • How to respond to teachers or parents who wonder if assistive technology is an inappropriate crutch
  • The benefits of allowing our kids to interact with and use technology

Cost: FREE


Digital books: How to find and read eBooks!

FREE webinar to learn about digital books and how to find and read eBooks!

May 12th, 2021 at 1pm EST // RECORDING AVAILABLE UNTIL 5/19

Let’s learn all about eBooks, where to find them and how to access them.

Cost: FREE


iPhone 2-Week Tech Savvy Challenge

A unique 2-week challenge to help you build confidence, overcome obstacles, and get set up for success while using your iPhone.

Begins March 24th, 2021

Smart phones are essential in today’s society, yet most of us are unaware of many helpful features that exist. Let’s take on this challenge together and learn to leverage the benefits of the “native” apps and accessibility features on your iPhone to make life easier, prepare you for emergencies and minimize stress!

What you get:

  • New content delivered to your inbox each day during the Challenge to help you prioritize and implement practical solutions.
  • Many tips and tricks so you can practice new skills and gain confidence at your own pace at a time and place you choose.
  • Two online Q & A group sessions to discuss the content of the challenge, brainstorm solutions and advance your tech skills to the next level.
  • Suggestions for how to take a deeper dive into specific topics of interest to you.
  • The opportunity to schedule personal online strategy sessions with me (Joan Green) at a discounted rate to help you overcome hurdles along the way.
  • A certificate of completion!

Cost: $89.95


Self-Paced Video Course

Survival Tech Skills for Remote Learning in College

Let’s Connect, Collaborate and Brainstorm Solutions for Success! Learn to leverage the benefits of technology to make life and learning easier.

December 8, 2020-June 30, 2021

Created and presented by Joan Green of Innovative Speech Therapy and Brian Friedlander of AssistiveTek, LLC

Don’t miss this opportunity!

If you are a college student or someone who helps older students prepare for college or succeed while enrolled, you need to know how to get the most out of the new computers, tablets, and phones to get set up for success! We hope you’ll join us to learn more about available options for using the devices students are now using to get organized, read, write, and take notes. There are wonderful new tools available to help with capturing live content and syncing the audio to words and images you write either digitally on a special pen with special paper. Did you know that there are location-based reminders to help you stay on top of tasks? Learn tricks and tips to manage tech so it supports both distance and in-person learning rather than makes the situation worse. We hope you’ll join us to become “in the know” about new features to support success in college.

This unique mini-course is now being offered as a self-paced online class via the Thinkific learning platform. Enroll for access to on-demand recordings, handouts, and a resource document with live links to all products mentioned. Joan also offers 1:1 coaching sessions if you are stuck or have questions.

Cost: $89.95 for access to all resources through June 30, 2021


Let’s Talk 2e Virtual Conference for Educators

Technology to the Rescue: Tech Treasure to Help 2E students Thrive!

(Presented by Joan Green of Innovative speech Therapy)

Launching January 25th, 2021, and then remaining EVERGREEN allow you forever-access. 

The conference brings together expert speakers addressing topics for teachers to utilize in their virtual, hybrid and in-person classrooms within four strands:

  • Understanding 2e
  • Classroom Strategies
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Clinical Considerations

If you’re a parent – this conference is an excellent teacher gift!

Let’s Talk 2e Educator attendees benefit from:

  • 25 expert sessions
  • Free speaker gifts
  • Downloadable Conference Planner
  • Community building and live events in our Facebook Teachers’ Lounge
  • Full exhibitor hall with prizes
  • Credit and Contact Hour opportunities