Elder Tech Top Tech Tools for Older adults

Let’s help the older adults stay connected and thrive!  

  • Learn about features that your devices already have to help read, write, communicate and get things done. 
  • Explore how apps and tech tools can make life easier.
  • Discover accessibility tools and tricks that can improve the day-to-day life of people of all ages. 

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Elder Tech: Top Tech Tools for Boomers and Older Adults

Do you know someone who:

  • Gets easily distracted?
  • Has difficulty reading, writing or speaking?
  • Is chronically late, disorganized or inefficient with everyday tasks?
  • Would benefit from more cognitive stimulation?
  • Feels socially isolated?
  • Is overwhelmed trying to figure out how to use their device to make communicating & learning easier?

There are tech features, apps, and online resources that can help! 

You may not know about the powerful, accessibility tools and technologies that you have at your fingertips. If you’re trying to figure out how to get the most out of your tech, this webinar is for you! 

“Joan Green, MA, CCC-SLP, is an innovator and the hands-down expert in this area. .

– Salya Namazi, Ph.D., clinical neuropsychologist of The Stixrud Group

Elder Tech: Top Tech Tools for Boomers and Older Adults

About Joan Green

I am an online tech coach, licensed and certified speech-language pathologist,  assistive technology consultant, accessibility advocate, mother of four wonderful young adults, and the founder of Innovative Speech Therapy.

My passion is to do all that I can to help families, educators, and therapists address a wide variety of communication, cognitive, literacy, and learning challenges. Over my years as a speech therapist, I’ve fine-tuned my uniquely effective approach to therapy and professional development. I believe in empowering individuals, families, and professionals through affordable, cutting-edge technologies that many of us already have in our homes, schools, and workplace.

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