ElderTech Advisor Course

Unlock your Tech Potential with “Tech for All: Empowering Students, Seniors, and You!

Registration has been delayed due to the recent medical condition and death of my father, Allan Lipman, on 6/12/24. I am taking time off from and will be sure to send an email to everyone on my email list when I am able to offer the course. 

It’s time to overcome tech overwhelm and start leveraging your gadgets for success! Want to be notified when the course is scheduled? Click this link to be added to the waiting list.

Who Should Enroll?

  • Parents, Boomers, Senior Advocates, Caregivers: Basically, anyone feeling left behind in our digital world or who is eager to help others become more comfortable with tech.


Have You Ever Felt…

  • Intimidated and overwhelmed using your phone or computer?
  • Like you’re just scratching the surface of all that your tech can do?
  • Inspired to help others overcome tech frustration?

This 4-week online course is your solution!


What You’ll Learn

  • Understanding Tech Symbols: Learn to navigate your devices with ease.
  • Communication Mastery: From audio and video calls to texting and emailing.
  • Safety Online: Protect yourself and your loved ones.
  • Organizational Tools: Calendars, tasks, and note-taking.
  • Voice Technology– Master speech-to-text and text-to-speech features.
  • Personal Assistants – Get to know Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant.
  • Generative AI–  Explore tools like chatGPT and more.
  • Continuous Learning: Resources to keep you informed and moving forward on your tech journey.


  • Completing this course qualifies you for our advanced Tech Empowerment Courses, focusing on accessibility and assistive technologies.

Secure Your Spot!

  • Join now and start your journey to becoming more confident and tech-savvy!
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Here’s What to Expect When You Sign Up

  • Rich Learning Materials: Curated readings, enlightening videos, and digital downloads – all you need to boost your tech skills.
  • Interactive Live Sessions: Weekly live Zoom Q&As for the course duration. Our sessions are scheduled for Thursdays from 4:00-5:00 PM ET. Can’t make it live? Catch the replay or send in questions and we’ll be sure to answer them in the live session. If there is sufficient interest, I may also add an earlier time on Thursdays for those unable to attend at night.
  • Special Pricing: Only $397.00! 

Need a Little Help?

  • Scholarships & Discounts: Available for teams of three or more. They say the more, the merrier- and cheaper! Gather a group and learn with friends and family!
  • Questions? Reach out to Joan@innovativespeech.com. I’m the one teaching the course and would love to connect.

I have waited for a long time to find a cohesive course like this. Thank you Joan for putting this together. You are so approachable and have a knack for presenting information in a way that is easy to relate to and understand. I learned so much more than I ever thought I would. I didn’t even realize that half the things you talked about existed!!”

l love that there were so many good resources and practical information presented. This was a very timely course given the world we live and work in today!”

Joan know’s her stuff! SO much helpful information was shared!”

This does not replace therapy and/or medical advice.