Participate in the Show and Share Challenge for the chance to Win $1,000!

Who can participate?

If you currently are in possession of the 3rd edition of Assistive Technology in Special Education: Resources to Support Literacy, Communication and Learning Differences, you are qualified to participate in this challenge.

A qualified Sharing Participant may have purchased the book online, received it as part of a gift to get it in the hands of more professionals or someone may have loaned you a copy to read!

If I am qualified, how can I participate?

Just show the book to a professional who works in the world of helping people of all ages who communicate, think and learn “differently.” If that person is interested, share it so he or she can benefit from the contents. By sharing it with a professional who has not yet benefitted from the book, you can then add your name to the form by clicking here and enter the name and email address of the professional. 

How can I increase my chances of winning?

There is no limit on the number of times that the Sharing Participant can submit the information provided it is submitted by 12/30/2019.

The chance of being the Winning Participant increases as the number of submissions increases. So share the book with as many professional as you can!

How is the Winning Participant determined?

On 12/31/2019, the Donor of the 1500 free books will select at random the name of the Winning Participant! He or she will be notified by email and Joan Green will announce the name of the winner on the Innovative Speech Therapy Facebook Page and Share the news on this page!

What is the prize?

The Winning Participant will be asked to select the Qualified Charity that he or she would like the Donor of the 1500 books to contribute $ 1,000 toward. The designated charity must be an IRC 501c3 United States non-profit with a primary objective of advancing those with special needs.