The season of gift-giving is upon us!  And let’s face it, so is the season of gift-getting. Isn’t there a five-year-old child in each of us that brightens at receiving a present?  As professionals in the worlds of education, intervention, and rehabilitation, we value the warm-hearted love that fills a custom-made coffee mug. But the grown-up you really lights up when someone gives you a gift that helps you do what you want to do most: give more to the people you care for.


Do you own a copy of the technology guide I wrote? 

After a generous donor gave away 1,500 copies of my most recent book, Assistive Technology in Special Education:  Resources to Support Literacy, Communication, and Learning Differences 3rd Edition, we launched Show & Share, a campaign to promote sharing the book with other professionals so that it could have a larger impact. Were you one of those who received the book? Or maybe you bought one for yourself!  If so, Assistive Technology in Special Education could be that gift that brightens you, and others, too!


How does Show & Share work? 

No matter how you obtained  Assistive Technology in Special Education—as a present or purchase—just show the book to a teacher, therapist or any other professional who helps individuals of any age who communicate, think and learn differently. If he or she is interested, share it with that person long enough for him or her to benefit from the contents. Then, add your name to the form on the Show & Share page ( along with the name of the professional’s name and email address. 


Yes, there’s a Show & Share holiday rush!

There is no limit on the number of times you can Show & Share, but you must submit by 12/30/2019! The chance of winning $1000 for your favorite charity increases as the number of your submissions increase, so share the book with as many professionals as you can!


Burn brighter.

In any provider’s hands, Assistive Technology in Special Education can be a gift that grows even faster than that little cactus a beloved student gave you six years ago. There is someone you know right now who could continue to grow their skills if you share this book with them.

Take Assistive Technology in Special Education off the shelf and place it in the hands of another colleague who will bring fire to its spark. In turn, you stand to make some lucky nonprofit organization $1,000 richer! All the details are right HERE. 


Each of you is a gift to those you care for. Happy holidays!