Have you ever wondered where go for advice for improving struggles related to learning, communication or getting things done?  If you are like me, finding the right person to talk to who has the type of experience and knowledge I am searching for can make all the difference!

Google searches, unreturned voice mail messages, unsuccessful phone tag and confusing emails exchanges can leave you feeling isolated and overwhelmed. It’s hard to know who to trust and what your options are. We are all so busy! I have a solution for you that is absolutely free!

If you’ve been on my website (www.innovativespeech.com)  lately, you’ve noticed that there is a pop-up that says “Let’s chat!” I regularly reserve time during the day to chat with people just like you to offer support and suggest resources you may not know about and practical ideas for next steps. If you live in the US, all you need to do is provide your name and contact information as well as briefly describe your goal for our conversation and I will call you at the time you select. If you live outside the US, we can connect using WhatsApp. I really enjoy collaborating with families as well as professionals! Please note that the times listed on my site are in the Eastern Standard Time Zone. I live in Maryland, just outside of Washington, DC.

Educators and Therapists

If you are a teacher, SLP, OT, psychologist, or consultant who wants to touch base about potential apps or interventional strategies to support a client/student/patient or perhaps talk about having me speak at a conference or create a customized webinar for professional development or family support, feel free select a time to chat. A 15-minute phone conversation is sometimes all it takes to help you figure out which path to take in terms of helping someone or determining if I may be an appropriate presenter or consultant for your set of circumstances.

Families and Advocates

Perhaps you are doing your best as a parent but need to explore additional avenues for support to help your child who is struggling in school or needs to improve communication skills. Or maybe you are the child and have a parent who had a stroke or brain injury or who needs more cognitive stimulation or therapy than your mother or father can get during reimbursed rehabilitation therapy sessions.

Want to brainstorm how a strategic and mindful use of technology can be used to speed up progress toward goals and make life easier? Let’s chat:)

I look forward to connecting with you!