Recorded Webinars & Events About Assistive Technology & How it can Support Individuals, Families, and Professionals

iGrandparent 101: Experts Share Resources and Wisdom for Teaching Tech to Seniors

This webinar is ideal for everyone taking the initiative to explore resources and programs created to simplify learning about using everyday devices to make life easier. It’s a “must-attend” for anyone who has taken on the essential and rewarding task of teaching seniors how to navigate the digital world. 

An expert panel shared resources and guidance to help boomers and older adults overcome resistance and build confidence in the tech they use. 

During the presentation you’ll learn from:

  • Rich Bowlin – the creator of the @RichBowlinYouTube Channel- he provides fantastic iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch Tips for Seniors.
  • Vida Roozen is the CEO and Co-Founder of Smarter, an organization that provides curated tech support for older adults.
  • Ron Brown –a co-host of Tech for Seniors, an action-packed broadcast that talks about current technologies, answers questions and offers security news and product updates. 
  • Don Frederiksen- the founder of the Senior Tech Club, a Club for Older Adults who want to learn, explore and share smart technology. He has paused online classes but continues to share amazing resources and materials for free.
  • Stefano Selario is the CEO of Carevocacy, a service that helps seniors learn about technology through online individual or group classes focusing on digital health literacy. He will speak about the launch of their new product, APO, an AI product designed to provide tech support to older adults. (Unfortunately, Stefano was unable to join us for the webinar)
  • Cost: $18 for an individual (Contact for group pricing)

Unlock the Power of Tech for Reading

Reading is an essential skill we use every day, but it can be challenging for those with learning disabilities or visual impairments.

During this webinar, we explored how technology can help make reading easier and more accessible for everyone. We discussed the various formats of reading content and introduced supportive tools that can match your needs. These tools may include features such as text-to-speech and visual appearance adjustments.

Watch the recording to learn how to unlock the power of technology for reading and discover how features, apps and devices that you may not know exist can strategically be used to enhance your reading experience.

Cost: $18.00 for personal use (Includes PDF download of slides)

Contact for group pricing for sharing with 3 or more individuals.

Beyond Facetime: Uncovering Hidden Gems for Video Calls!

It’s hard to keep up with the constantly changing world of technology! I’m here to help.

Many families and senior care providers find it frustrating to help older adults use Zoom or Facetime to keep in touch with friends and family. It can be very confusing.

Fortunately, there are now terrific options to simplify the process of making video calls and checking in on loved ones from a distance. During this one-hour webinar which took place live on June 7, 2023, we explored many options you may not know exist! 

Cost: $18.00 for an individual (Includes PDF download of slides)

Contact for group pricing.

Assistive Technology for ADHD and Executive Functioning Disorders

Watch the recording on Facebook Live!

Join Joan Green of Innovative Speech Therapy and The Chesapeake Center’s Dr. Kathleen Nadeau as they discuss how ADHD impacts more than just our attention and focus. At its core, ADHD is a deficiency in Executive Function skills. Those with ADHD lack the ability to organize thoughts and activities, prioritize tasks, manage time efficiently, and make decisions.

Lacking the normal structure of school and work, both children and adults have struggled to analyze, plan, organize and complete tasks at all– or on a deadline. They misplace materials, prioritize the wrong things, get overwhelmed by big projects… the list goes on.

BUT- technology can make our lives easier! 

You don’t know what you don’t know, and our goals it to inform listeners of certain apps and other technologies to help with impulsivity, transitions/ reminders, planning and scheduling and more. 


Prince George’s Senior Provider Network (PGSPN) 

Annual Caregiver Workshop

Technology for Caregivers

November 14th, 2020 10:00-11:30


Online with Zoom

Everyone is welcome to join us to learn about the various technology caregivers can use to stay connected to their loved ones in a secure, convenient, and modern way. Learn about the Grandpad Tablet, Echo Show, and Constant Companion. You don’t want to miss the latest information on these technology tools.

The recording is now available using this link. 


College Assistive Tech Talk

LIVE in the College Transition and Accommodations Information for Parents FB Group.

February 20, 2021 at 12 pm EST

With Joan Green of Innovative Speech Therapy and Elizabeth Hamblet of LD Advisory

Assistive technology (AT) can be a big help to college students with disabilities, but not enough of them know what’s built into the devices they already have. Joan Green, a speech-language pathologist and technology consultant, will discuss these accessibility features and answer parent questions about getting students used to these tools.

Cost: FREE

ProAging Network 

Conversation with a Tech Implementer

Let’s Talk about How Technology Can Improve the Lives of Seniors and Caregivers

Join us for an interactive session with Joan Green, who will share how we can help our clients take advantage of mobile devices, cutting-edge apps and other devices and strategies to speed up progress toward their individual goals, needs and desired outcomes.

Friday, July 17th, 2020 12:00-1:00 PM EST


Presented by:

Joan Green MS, CCC-SLP, Innovative Speech Therapy

Steve Gurney, Founder of ProAging Network

The ProAging Network unites and empowers professionals who serve older adults and their families to redefine the best practices for care, operations and marketing, so we are prepared to address rapid change, better serve our clients and help our organizations thrive.

Cognition Conference Session

Let’s Leverage the Benefits of Tech to Help Cognitively Impaired Clients

A 2-hour course hosted by worth 0.20 ASHA CEUs (Introductory Level, Professional Area).

March 21st, 2021 at 2:00PM PST

Could you use some help becoming more tech-savvy to empower your clients to support and improve communication, cognition, literacy and productivity? Families are counting on SLPs to leverage the benefits of updated features, apps and devices. Join Joan Green as she shares a wealth of updated information and her top picks to help SLPs speed up progress toward goals and an improved quality of life.

COST: $39.99 (or upgrade to unlimited access of multiple courses and resources for $79 per year)

Let’s leverage the benefits of technology to support learning!

Fairfax County Special Education PTA

Joan Green will join SEPTA to share ways to address executive functioning, literacy and other needs around assisted technology. The meeting will start with some PTA business, including electing the officers for the 2021-2022 school year. Once the business portion of the meeting is over, we will open the floor to Joan Green.

April 27th, 2021 at 7 pm EST

Cost: FREE

 Aging Well With Technology

Let’s empower seniors of ALL abilities to leverage the benefits of tech to overcome barriers, connect with others, and have fun!

Join Joan Green, a speech-language pathologist and assistive technology implementer, to learn more about recent advances that can greatly enhance the lives of seniors and those who help them. During the presentation, Joan will share the tools, features, apps and devices that she uses the most when helping seniors. It’s hard to learn more about what you may not realize exists to enhance independence, provide cognitive stimulation, promote social connection and minimize stress.  We all need help keeping up with this constantly changing world of technology that has become so much more affordable and accessible. Joan’s mission is to help families, seniors and colleagues become more tech-savvy to improve communication, cognition and overall quality of life.

Hosted by GROWS- The Grass Roots Organization for the Well-Being of Seniors

Thursday, June 11, 2020 at 9:00- 10:00 AM EST- Zoom Webinar


The Learning Corp 

On-Demand Webinar

Embracing advances in technology as SLPs: Beyond AAC & Apps

Presented by:

Joan Green MS, CCC-SLP, Innovative Speech Therapy

Emily De Oliveira, MS, CCC-SLP, The Learning Corp

Learn how technology can help both children and adults to be more successful and independent during functional daily tasks. Discover key accessibility features available on smartphones, tablets, and computers as well as specific strategies to support language and cognitive skills such as attention, executive functioning, reading, and writing.. 

This course is offered for .05 ASHA CEUs (Intermediate level, Professional area)



10 Tech Tips to Make Life Easier

Discussion with Joan Green of Innovative Speech Therapy


Hosted by Amy Bland of Phoenix Speech Therapy, LLC

Recorded during Facebook Live! 

Thursday, May 28, 2020 at 10:00 AM EST

Text Technology to the number 5444 (US phone carriers only) for a copy of the handout