Websites are today’s business cards. As new people learn about my services, I always encourage them to head to so they can learn about my background and approach, sign up for a free 15-minute call via the pop-up that says, “Let’s Chat” and learn more about resources that they may not know exist. For those who may have reading challenges, there is an orange “B” with headphones that appears on my site when it is opened from any device. If you click on it, you will see that it offers speech and reading support to the site.

Over the past few months, I have been working on optimizing my website so that it has more up-to-date, easily accessible content. I’ve also been working hard on some great webinars and courses that you may have missed. Whether you are a professional looking for resources to help your clients and provide more accessible presentations, a family member looking for tech solutions to help a loved one, or you are just interested in learning about something for yourself, my website will have something to offer you. Check out the comprehensive list of resources below: 

Online Learning

Previously called “Events & Webinars,” my new “Online Learning” section now contains three sections: Current & Upcoming Events, Past Events & Recordings, and an All Access Past to’s webinar recordings.

Current & Upcoming Events

Here you will find a full list online webinars and courses that are currently ongoing or coming up in the next few weeks. View the event’s target audience and details including date, time, and cost. Register easily by clicking the button on the left. 

Past Events & Recordings

Here you will find links to many of my past events. Many recordings are available for you to view on a variety of topics, and they are being updated all the time. View event’s target audience and details including date, time, and cost. Register easily by clicking the button on the left.

All Access Pass (link to page)

I also offer an AllAccess Pass for my “They May Not Know” online webinar series. For a bundled price of just $25, receive monthly access to carefully curated hour-long presentation recordings as well as the accompanying handouts covering updated tech tools and strategies that leverage the benefits of technology that many people do not realize exist. Many topics are covered that are game-changers for helping people who communicate, learn and think differently. The following webinar recordings are available right now when you purchase this pass.

  • Digital Books: How to find and read eBooks!
  • Using Captions and Subtitles!
  • iPhone Tips & Tricks: Get Set Up for Success & Reduce Stress 
  • Technology for Seniors
  • Amazon Alexa: An Introduction
  • Promote Engagement with Individuals who have Complex Communication Needs 
  • Improve Organization, Productivity and Attention 
  • Aphasia 
  • Back to School 
  • Free Features, Apps and Sites


My resources page contains two sections: downloadable resources and online resources. 

Downloadable Resources

This is a collection of downloadable PDF handouts that I have created. To access each resource, click the link, enter your email address, and a PDF version of the resource will be sent to you. Currently, there are printable reference guides covering helpful topics such as: 

  • Five Free Ways to Make Reading Easier
  • Communication Boards for Adults
  • How to Use Screenshots
  • Using a Split Screen to Master Your Workflow 

More resources are being added all the time, so stay tuned!

Online Resources

I have compiled a list of websites that can act as a great resource for many different populations.

They are broken down into the following categories: 

  • Technology Training
  • App Review Sites
  • Organizations
    • Multiple Disability Groups
    • Diagnosis and Disability
    • Independent Living
    • Professional Resources
    • Articles
      • Use Chrome Extensions to Reduce Distraction and Increase Productivity
      • Jump-Start Student Learning with Technology