When was the last time you explored the latest features that are now included in the Chrome browser and the Google apps you use on your phone, tablet and computer? 

Google Chrome, Docs, Keep, Calendar, and Drive now include empowering tools that used to be available as expensive stand-alone products. The features are actually included at no additional cost as features of apps that may already be there or just need to be enabled. These features can help you write documents, store files online, create to-do lists, navigate your surroundings, meet with others online and much more. 

I’ve spent many hours learning the ins and outs of recent app updates, add-ons and extensions to figure out how to best help people of all ages and abilities streamline their lives and overcome barriers to success. Keeping up with changes in technology with an eye toward helping people maximize productivity, enhance quality of life, overcome obstacles and nurture strengths is a full-time job!

Did you know that you can do the following with Google Tools?

  • “Snooze” an email in Gmail to bounce back to you just when you want to deal with it 
  • Schedule emails to be sent at a later date or time
  • Create a list of questions for a specialist and have your note pop up when you arrive at a particular location
  • Watch any pre-recorded video in Chrome and read what people say using Live Transcribe
  • Generate a transcript of what was said during an online meeting
  • Dictate rather than type words into a document
  • Share documents and files and collaborate with others in real time
  • Be notified when to leave in order to arrive on time at a desired location based on current traffic conditions
  • Listen to articles, books, emails and social media posts read aloud

If you are a teacher, tutor, therapist, educational consultant, senior care provider, parent or advocate, you need to know how to leverage the benefits of Google. 

Do you feel “technologically challenged”? Or perhaps you need help figuring out how to make life easier with apps you see others using but just can’t seem to get started with. Maybe you’ve encountered too many roadblocks along the way and gave up in frustration.

I’ve streamlined the process for you! I hope you’ll join me and sign up now so I can help you figure it out and help you along the way as you particpate in a popular online course that I just updated for Summer 2021. 

Interested? Learn more about this unique 4 week experience by going to https://innovativespeech.com/your-google-toolkit/.

After learning more, I hope you’ll register! Every Monday and Thursday you will have access to the next Chapter with optional live Q & A sessions on Zoom twice a week for the 4 weeks at varying times. You’ll also have the option to sign up for additional individualized 30-minute online coaching sessions with me to keep you moving forward.

Registration will remain open during the entire 4 weeks and the content will remain online until 12/31/21.