Ready for spring and a fresh start? I know I am!

It’s been a long cold and icy winter here in Maryland.  If you are feeling like I am, you could use more sunshine and social connection in your life. 

For those of you who have followed my work for a while, you may have noticed that the regularly scheduled free webinars abruptly stopped last year. I’m pleased to say that after a long hiatus, they’re back!

The families and colleagues who come to me for guidance, find it frustrating to keep up with the rapidly changing world of tech. Just when you’ve built up your confidence doing a particular task or using a device, it changes.  It’s overwhelming!

While others may feel that using tech is a “necessary burden to be endured”, I actually really enjoy keeping up with all the new innovations and updates and always have an eye out for ways to use mainstream tech to help young children with developmental differences and disabilities, older students with attention and learning challenges and adults who have attention, language, and cognitive deficits. I also am very much immersed in the world of elderly adults and try to keep up with ways tech can improve their lives. 

It makes my day when I see the positive results of empowering someone with the knowledge of how to set up and strategically use computers, phones, apps and cool new gadgets such as the Echo Show, Scanmarker Air Pen or the Grandpad.

But how do you know what you don’t know and why aren’t others leading the way to show you what you need to know to succeed? 

I’m here to help you figure it out!

The free webinar series is now rejuvenated and ready to go. My mission is to continue to help people across the lifespan of all abilities leverage the benefits of tech to improve communication, cognition, literacy, learning, productivity, and happiness. 

In loving memory of my brother, Bob

This free webinar series is dedicated to the memory of my wonderful brother Bob (Robert D. Lipman) who passed away last March from COVID-19. He had been thriving professionally and personally and lived life to the fullest. Bob had a knack for really getting to know and befriend just about everyone he met. He left quite a vivid impression on all who had the pleasure of meeting him. He was devoted to family and treasured his relationships with our parents, his wife, his 3 kids, and our many relatives.

It’s been devastating for all who were privileged to be close to Bob with his smile, his contagious enthusiasm, and his kind nature. As his “little sister”, he always encouraged my speech pathology career and supported my efforts to make a difference in this world. We were both intrigued with cutting-edge technology and all it had to offer. I really miss him.

We need to help each other to get through these difficult days

So many lives have been upended with grief, job loss, financial hardship, and disappointments. I’m thankful that I have been vaccinated, along with my parents and my two physician daughters, and I eagerly await the time that my husband and other two kids will receive their vaccines. 

I invite you and others who are interested, to go to to learn about the next free webinar as well as to learn how to access previous webinar recordings. 

Would you like to submit a special request for a webinar topic? Please communicate with me by email at or sign up for a time for me to call you at