Searching for ways to leverage your tech to get more done?

The next free webinar in the They May Not know… series is scheduled for March 27th,2019 at 1 pm EST. 

Do you find yourself staying busy all day, yet getting little done that you wanted to accomplish? Perhaps you sit at your computer and start working on a project or a report and then one thing leads to another and you find that hours have passed by without you realizing how off track you were! Do you or someone you know become overwhelmed and stressed with too much to do and too little time to do it?  I will present a powerful mindset shift that has helped many families who are looking for solutions to improve executive functioning skills.

I hope you’ll join me if you’re interested in learning how to get more out of your devices to improve productivity. I will introduce you to features and apps that are readily available on the devices you already use at no additional cost that you may not know exist. Learn to proactively manage your attention so you can reduce your stress level and have more time to do whatever it is that you most enjoy and brings meaning to your life. 

This webinar will introduce you to the three pronged-system I use in my business to help professionals and families improve the lives of students and adults who are trying to become more efficient with how they spend their time, whether or not they have a formal diagnosis of ADHD.  

Save your spot for our next webinar – March 27, 1-2 pm EST.  

In this webinar, you will:

  • Debunk myths relating to use of technology to enhance executive functioning skills!
  • Explore how enabling features on the devices you already use can improve productivity.
  • Discover tips & tricks to reduce the stress and overwhelm of living a busy life that doesn’t accomplish what you need to get done.
  • Learn how a proactive mindset shift can empower you to get the most out of your computer, phone and tablet rather than succumbing to their alluring power of distraction.

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Save your spot for our next webinar – March 27th, 1-2 pm EST.  

About Joan Green

I am a licensed and certified speech-language pathologist, technology tutor/consultant, private speech therapist, mother of four wonderful young adults, and the founder of Innovative Speech Therapy. My passion is to do all that I can to help families, educators, and clinicians address a wide variety of communication, cognitive, literacy, and learning challenges. Over my years as a speech therapist, I’ve fine-tuned my uniquely effective approach to therapy and professional development. I believe in empowering individuals, families, and professionals through affordable, cutting-edge technologies that many of us already have in our homes, schools, and workplace.

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