Ready to teach your old phone new tricks?

Join my next webinar on November 28 at 1 pm EST as we uncover all the possibilities that iOS 12 will bring to your iPhone or iPad. With powerful accessibility features and technologies, this update will provide an absolute performance boost—especially for older models!

If you want to use this update to help you or a loved one speed up progress toward productivity, literacy and communication goals, sign up for the webinar today!

Save your spot for our next webinar – November 28, 1-2 pm EST.  

In this webinar, you will:

  • Take a closer look at features your device already has that you may not realize exist!
  • Explore how apps and technology can make life easier.
  • Discover accessibility tips & tricks to improve the day-to-day lives of people with communication challenges, their caregivers, and family members.
  • Learn to save time with shortcuts that are already built into your devices!
  • Whether you own the latest iPhone or are working with a much older model, I will help you unlock the tools that are already at your fingertips.

Here’s a sneak peek of what iOS 12 has to offer:

  • Increased speeds–even for the older models! In fact, iOS 12 will be available for devices as old as the iPhone 5S.
  • “Siri Shortcuts” – offering optimization for tasks you perform daily.
  • Safety features when there is a medical crisis.
  • Settings to help with reading, writing and getting things done.
  • New tools to help you monitor screen time… & so much more!

Reserve your spot today!

Save your spot for our next webinar – November 28, 1-2 pm EST.  

About Joan Green

I am a licensed and certified speech-language pathologist, technology tutor/consultant, private speech therapist, mother of four wonderful young adults, and the founder of Innovative Speech Therapy. My passion is to do all that I can to help families, educators, and clinicians address a wide variety of communication, cognitive, literacy, and learning challenges. Over my years as a speech therapist, I’ve fine-tuned my uniquely effective approach to therapy and professional development. I believe in empowering individuals, families, and professionals through affordable, cutting-edge technologies that many of us already have in our homes, schools, and workplace.

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