ElderTech Advisor Course

Get energized in this train-the-trainer course!

Calling all SLPs, OTs, audiologists, technology specialists, gerontologists, aging life care managers, activity directors, administrators, teachers, elder advocates, and family caregivers!

>> Do you want to feel more confident and competent in helping older adults use tech?

>> Are you curious about current accessibility features, smart gadgets, and apps that can improve lives?

>> Are you “burned out” and looking to pursue a new direction with your career or volunteer activities?

The digital divide is real. Lack of awareness of how tech can improve life in senior living communities and programs supporting aging-in-place is a significant problem.

Let’s join forces to enhance the lives of seniors who are left behind by the rapidly evolving world of technology. 

There are amazing solutions using mainstream devices to promote social connection and cognitive stimulation!

It’s a great feeling to help others improve their lives by providing support to help overcome barriers imposed by challenges with dexterity, vision, hearing, communication, and memory. The problem is technology is changing so fast it’s hard to keep up. 

That’s what this opportunity is all about! It will help you get an overview of available technologies and resources to help you update your knowledge and skills about emerging devices and features that many people don’t realize exist. You’ll even come away with materials to use when teaching!

I am excited about this unique experience created for maximum flexibility and learning.

Don’t miss out!

Course content will remain available until December 31, 2024, but the connections with other ElderTech Advisors and access to carefully curated resources are yours forever!

Here’s what to expect when you sign up:

  • You will have access to carefully curated information to read and videos to watch to promote independent learning. There will also be helpful digital downloads.


  • Once enrolled, you will be invited to join a live Zoom session every month for the remainder of 2024 with Joan Green. It will be your opportunity to collaborate with other ElderTech Advisors and get your questions answered. Days and times will vary, depending on the needs of the group. As you start helping seniors, you will not be alone!


  • In addition to the live sessions, you will be invited to join a private Google Discussion Group to connect with other ElderTech Advisors.


  • And there’s more…. you will have lifelong access to a database of carefully curated and updated ElderTech Advisor resources. 

  • The course is $297.00. Considering the wide range of topics covered and the vast amount of resources provided, along with live support, this is an amazing value! 

  • A limited number of partial scholarships and significant group discounts for groups of 3 or more are available. Email Joan@innovativespeech.com for more information.


    Topics Covered

    hands holding a smartphone

    Part 1- Getting started as an ElderTech Advisor & Helping Older Generations to stay connected and in touch

    • Becoming a Champion for Senior Technology
    • Pre-Assessment
    • Decoding the Language of Tech
    • Staying in Touch
    • 10 Phone Functions to Teach
    • Alternative and Simplified Ways to Stay in Touch
    • Safe Online Practices
    echo dot

    Part 2- Smart Assistants and Devices & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    • Getting to Know Your Assistant
    • Alexa
    • Siri
    • Google Assistant
    • Speech recognition for nonstandard speech
    • Home Automation and Smart Home Systems
    • Medical Alert and Tracking Systems
    • Smart Devices in Healthcare and Senior Living Communities
    • How Seniors Can Benefit from AI: Chat GPT and Beyond 
    hands surrounding accessibility logo

    Part 3- Google, Microsoft, and Apple Apps with a focus on Accessibility

    • Built-in Features of Everyday Apps to Support Everyone
    • Microsoft Word
    • Google Docs
    • Google Keep
    • Apple Notes
    • Task Management Apps 
    • Calendars, Cloud Accounts, and Browsers

    Part 4: Apps and Online Resources

    • Learning Needs and Tech Considerations
    • Senior Tech Classes and Brain Training
    • Games and Skill- Building Apps
    • Entertainment
    • Apps to Overcome Obstacles
    • Troubleshooting Problems, Remote Access, and Getting Help
    • Let’s Keep Going Strong as ElderTech Advisors!
    • Post- Course Assessment

    I have waited for a long time to find like-minded colleagues working with elders. Thank you Joan for putting this together. I learned so much more than I ever thought I would. I didn’t even realize that half the things you talked about existed!!”

    I’m in! I couldn’t be more thrilled that you keep offering and improving this course so I can better equip myself to help seniors!!”

    Wow! Your many years of “on the ground” learning have helped you put together a spectacular experience for the rest of us. There’s nowhere else to get an overview of so many new products available to help me help my parents. I am so motivated now to go to the nearby senior groups to share all this information and try to teach some classes !”

    This does not replace therapy and/or medical advice.