Live & Recorded Courses About Assistive Technology


ElderTech Advisor and Teacher Cohort Now Forming

Fall 2023

5-Week Collaborative Experience

Are you looking for a career shift or a meaningful way to improve the lives of others? Society needs your expertise and help! COVID has disrupted so many lives, caused healthcare shortages, and left older adults stranded.

I created this opportunity for us to learn from each other and join forces to improve the lives of seniors. Some of us may work in 1:1 settings, others may hope to teach in-person or online classes, and others may want to act as a “tech-concierge” to meet the needs of specialized tech support in adult communities.

During this 5- week experience,  we will explore a range of digital features, resources, and strategies so that we can better provide help to Boomers and older adults to leverage the benefits of personal tech. Seniors are falling increasingly behind when using devices that are now critical for well-being.  There are amazing built-in features already included in our digital devices, browsers, apps, and other tech tools to support accessibility, social interaction, and cognitive stimulation.

We need to do more. If you have time and want to get energized by connecting with others who share a passion for helping older adults to get more out of personal tech, this experience is for you!

It all starts on September, 18, 2023!

 Cost: $297.00


Get Going with Google in 2023

Self- Paced Signature Course with 1:1 Online Support!

Is the world of Google Apps a mystery to you? Perhaps you’ve never taken the time to sit down and explore what it means to store documents “in the cloud”, create a Google Document, figure out how to get organized with Google Drive, or finally become more efficient managing your calendar and email.

Most of us do best when someone with experience provides a framework loaded with helpful strategies for breaking down an enormous amount of information into small manageable chunks.

During this unique experience, you will learn about updated Google apps, features, and strategies for becoming more proficient in using them to meet your individual needs. You will have access to easy-to-understand written material, downloadable reference sheets, and practical suggestions for implementation.

Unlike many other Google courses and tutorials, I’ve emphasized content about built-in accessibility features and techniques to help people across the lifespan who have attention, reading, writing, and memory challenges.

Are you concerned that you will get stuck and need extra individualized guidance? I’m here for you! Registration includes an individual online consultation to help you overcome barriers and get up and running quickly.