How do you spend your time?

Too little free time is harmful.  But too much free time isn’t great either. I was reminded of this as I read a recent article written by Angela Haupt in the Washington Post. Here is a link to the article-

Do you recall the fairy tales from your childhood or read them to a grandchild? Think back to the one with the three bears. Remember how good that baby bear felt when everything wasn’t too much or too little. It’s often hard to get things just right. Similar to Goldilocks’ experience, it feels great when we can get our days just right!

Perhaps your kids are now back in school. Or maybe you’ve retired and have more time on your hands than you are accustomed to. If you are looking for something to do to add meaning and purpose to your day and have always put becoming more “tech-savvy” on the back burner, then now the time may be just right! Technology is here to stay. It’s the perfect opportunity to stop resisting the pull of society’s advances. I’ve created a brand new experience that is flexible to meet your needs.  Help is available every step of the way -especially when things don’t go as planned.

A new self-paced Google Course is available to help you become more tech-savvy!

This unique content-filled multimedia course anticipates your questions along the way and highlights tech tools and features you didn’t even realize could improve life so dramatically! It’s well-organized and ideal for parents, retirees, seniors, advocates and everyone else who is interested in getting more out of computers, tablets and phones. You can go through the course little by little or choose to immerse yourself all at once. I’ve anticipated the hurdles you may encounter and provide guidance, tips and strategies in advance to ease the journey and add value. Think of me as a friend spending time with you to share what I’ve learned over many years using all the Google apps and keeping up with all the changes.

Are you someone who pulls out paper maps for directions, relies exclusively on a traditional paper calendar for your appointments and avoids using “the cloud” at all costs? If that process is working for you then you may not need what I have to offer. 

However, if you are having doubts and would appreciate being shown why taking advantage of everyday free apps could make your life easier and overcome obstacles that you may be experiencing then this unique course if for you! I’m thrilled to announce that this updated 3rd iteration will be open as of October 11th and registration is now open!

Help for people who aren’t confident using tech as well as those who have disabilities

This course is especially important if you care about someone who has attention, reading, writing, communication or organizational challenges. There are many features built into our everyday digital devices and apps that you may not realize exist that can dramatically improve life.

Curious? Learn more by going to

This course will be available until the end of December, 2021. However, go ahead and register soon and you will be glad you did! As a bonus, everyone who registers within the first four weeks after the official launch date will receive a special gift in the mail as well as access to live online Zoom coaching sessions. I’ll also be sending out emails to all who register during those first four weeks to keep you moving along smoothly.

Wondering if this course is the solution that you’ve been searching for so you don’t have to rely on asking others for help? Are you tired of constantly getting stuck as you try to figure out how to get more organized, find a lost document or catch up with unread emails? I encourage you to register! I’ll be available to help as much or as little as you need. Let’s fill your days with success and set the stage for reduced stress so you can spend time doing what brings meaning and joy!