The internetwhere would we be without it? The ability to access endless amounts of information at any given time has absolutely reconstructed our lives, for good…and bad. But it’s no question that those who don’t have access to the internet will be left behind.

One-fifth of Americans don’t have internet access at home, leaving cities scrambling to bridge the digital divide. Studies prove the disparity in the success of low-income students whose families can’t afford the internet. However, there are other bridges that also need to be built for people with low literacy and dyslexia, as well as those who speak English as a second language.

That’s why I’m happy to share you can now view my website with the tool, Browsealoud. Browsealoud makes the internet accessible for everyone. With a range of features that help viewers tailor their online experience to their needs, you or your loved one can use this tool to ensure you don’t get surpassed.

Use Browsealoud as a:

-screen reader
-page simplifier
-audio recording tool
-screen masking tool
-text magnifier
-language translator

Most websites are crowded with ads, pop-ups and content…just about everywhere! Browsealoud removes extraneous content on the page so readers can focus on the important information.

To further enhance the experience, Browsealoud’s read-aloud tool enables viewers to highlight and magnify text while a natural sounding voice reads aloud. And beyond helping those with literacy challenges, Browsealoud offers translation tools that highlight each translated word as it is spoken. Click here for a full breakdown of features.

If you or someone you love could truly benefit from these tools, all you have to do is look for the bright orange Browsealoud icon! Any website equipped with this innovative support software will have an icon you can click to access all tools. As our work continues to create digital access for all, hopefully, more websites and companies will use transformational programs such as Browsealoud.

If a website doesn’t have the Browsealoud icon, there’s no need to worry! Our browsers and devices are already equipped with features to help bridge the digital divide.  You may just need to learn how to use them.

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