GSuite for ALL!: A new online course with Joan Green to help you learn the basics and beyond!

What would an easier life look like to you? Can you picture it? 

Life is busy! For many, it’s human nature to find ourselves in survival mode as life becomes difficult and stressed. We all only have 24 hours in a day. Could you use some help leveraging the benefits of using your computer and mobile devices to make life more pleasant? 

Over my 30+ years as a tech-enthusiast and speech-language pathologist, I’ve learned quite a bit helping many people with different needs and abilities. I know how frustrating it can be to figure out things on your own. All the time, money and energy it can take often lead to feelings of overwhelm and frustration. 

Younger folks, the “digital natives”, now often take new technologies for granted.

  • If they are lonely they may text or “Facetime” a friend from their phone for companionship
  • If they are driving to a new place, they may “Google” the location and listen to step-by-step instructions as they go there and have an app tell them when to leave to be on time
  • If they forget an important document, they can access it on their phone and retrieve the information
  • If they need to do something at a certain time they can receive a reminder so they don’t forget
  • If they don’t know how to spell a word or have trouble with reading or typing, they can have words read aloud to them or dictate words and have them typed automatically

However, many “digital immigrants”, those of us who weren’t raised with technology integrated into many facets of daily life, may have gotten left behind. No one has helped us learn to access the many fantastic solutions that can have such a positive impact on everyday life. As I often say, it’s hard to learn more about what you may not realize exists.

As you live your life and go through your daily routines, what are some common sources of frustration? Do you miss scheduled appointments, get frustrated writing or typing due to difficulty with pain or dexterity issues or have trouble reading the news that’s in small print? How successful are you driving to new places, researching new information or remembering to take a prescription? Would you like more social contact without leaving your home?

Have you ever thought about what an ideal day might look like? Try to picture it. Perhaps you’d get a gentle reminder when it was time to do a task that is often forgotten. Perhaps as you are driving or walking to a new destination, your phone could guide you with spoken directions navigating either the fastest route or a route that avoids highways if you are uncomfortable driving on major thoroughfares. Or maybe when you are reading a note from a friend, you would see larger print or have it read aloud to you as you read the text. If typing is hard, perhaps you could say what you want to convey and the text would appear for you. 

A few months ago, I offered a webinar that featured fantastic technologies to support seniors. It is still available to watch for a small fee as part of the Innovative Technology Treatment Solutions membership site- where recorded webinars and their accompanying handouts remain available. I’ve also offered several webinars featuring ways that families can support their kids as they return to school to help with organization, literacy, and learning. Those recordings and others are available in a new membership site at 

I’m thrilled to announce the launch of a brand new online course that might be just what you are looking for.

In the course, I streamline the learning process for your maximum efficiency and success. We will explore how Google apps that can be used on all devices to make life easier and more meaningful. The online course is a 4- week self-paced experience featuring a combination of videos, individual coaching calls, digital downloads, implementation suggestions and online meetings to speed up the learning curve. I’ll also be sharing techniques you can use to reduce distractions and overcome barriers to reading, writing and getting things done. 

Interested? Enrollment is limited. Click here for more information.