Get Going with Google. Learn to use free Gogoel apps to set yourself up for success in 2024.

“I didn’t know Google could do that!” – I often hear this exclamation when I introduce people to the lesser-known but powerful features of Google apps. From snoozing emails to voice typing, color-coding folders, managing multiple calendars, and scheduling emails precisely when you want them sent, the realm of Google’s capabilities is vast and ever-expanding.

Thanks to AI, Google apps have evolved into a comprehensive suite of solutions, especially beneficial for those striving to enhance focus, reading, writing, organizational skills, and executive functions. The apps are not only ideal for personal use, but for a small additional fee, they are a gateway to efficiency for small business owners and entrepreneurs for a modest monthly fee.

Yet, the challenge remains: how do you uncover these innovative features and determine which ones best fit your unique needs? It can be daunting to navigate this landscape alone.

The Solution- A transformative Course to help you Get Going with Google in 2024!

This is where our expertise comes into play! In addition to the personalized 1:1 service IST offers, I’ve developed an accessible course to guide you through the world of Google apps. This course is designed to help you establish a system that resonates with your workflow. We’ve handpicked the most beneficial apps and features and present them in a digestible format, aiding you in making informed choices.

Our comprehensive support doesn’t end with an overview. We provide digital downloads, step-by-step guidance, and a collection of video resources to bolster your learning journey. Together, we will explore and unravel the functionalities, ensuring you don’t have to face the common frustrations of technological advancement alone.

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Are you ready to:

  • Simplify your technology for easier use?
  • Organize and boost your efficiency?
  • Enhance your reading and writing with the right tools?
  • Master your email management?
  • Develop a robust system for time management?
  • Discover and leverage new AI-enhanced features?

Now is the perfect time to enroll in the “Get Going with Google in 2024” course! By signing up now, you’ll gain the added advantage of live sessions for the first five weeks — a bonus that will provide real-time interaction and enrich your learning experience. The session recordings, along with all course content, will be accessible for six months.

What are you waiting for? If becoming more tech-savvy and effectively utilizing mainstream apps is on your agenda, seize this opportunity. Invest in your growth today and enjoy the dividends of time well-managed and tasks effectively executed.

Looking forward to helping you embark on this journey of discovery and mastery with free personal Google apps!

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