Greetings! I hope this message finds you well and that you plan to relax and have fun this summer! It’s been a while since I’ve reached out. I wanted to share a personal update and hear from you too.   Personal Update Over the past few months, I took a necessary pause from Innovative Speech Therapy to support my family during a challenging time. My father’s health declined rapidly and we also needed to transition my mother-in-law to long-term care. These events required my attention and energy, which led to a quieter spring for IST. With a heavy heart, I share that my father, Allan Lipman, passed away on June 12th, 2024, shortly after being diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer. He was a remarkable man who made this world a better place. I miss his warm smile, gentle nature, kind heart, and words of wisdom. You can read more about his life in his obituary. Those of you who have attended my presentations or courses might recall how I often mentioned my parents when discussing the use of technology to enhance the lives of aging adults. My dad was particularly enthusiastic about gadgets and tech innovations. Even in his 90s, he embraced everything from using Alexa and the Echo Show to keep his mind active with music and information, to using iPhone accessibility features that supported his daily activities. He always enjoyed challenging doctors with questions about artificial intelligence, sparking a smile and memorable and enlightening conversations. A close up picture of a friendly looking elderly man smiling Back in 2019, my dad inspired and secretly funded the “Show and Share” initiative tied to my book, “Assistive Technology in Special Education”, helping to distribute over 1500 copies to empower professionals in the field so it could have a larger impact.   Reconnecting and Learning from You As I slowly reopen IST, I’m eager to reconnect with you. I’m resuming free 15-minute phone consultations and collaborative brainstorming sessions. I’m also planning upcoming presentations, courses, challenges, and perhaps a membership opportunity. Do you have 5 minutes to offer guidance to help me move forward? I’d really appreciate it if you could email me at and share your experiences with IST- whether through webinars, courses, workshops, books, or one-on-one sessions. What has been most beneficial for you? Are there new learning avenues you’re interested in exploring with our help? Have you found other resources that meet your needs? If you are new to IST, what are your current needs? How can I help? Your feedback is invaluable as I plan future content and initiatives.   Expanding the IST Team I also want to share that I am looking to expand the IST team with a few highly skilled and engaging tech-savvy SLPs or assistive technology specialists. This expansion is part of my effort to create new and impactful learning opportunities for professionals, families, and individuals with disabilities.   Thank you for your understanding and support during these challenging times. Your thoughts, feedback, and suggestions mean the world to me.   I look forward to your reply!   Warm regards, Joan P.S. – Did you see an email in your inbox the morning of July 2nd, 2024? If not, you are missing my emails. They may be going to a promotions tab, SPAM, or may be blocked by your system. Or, you may not have subscribed. I do add people to my list who sign up for a session with me, download a freebie or watch a webinar so that we can stay in touch. I value your privacy and never share this list with others. There is always an unsubscribe button if you would rather not get my emails. If you want to get my emails and didn’t see one, you may want to search your email for “” or the subject line in this newsletter- “Catching Up and Looking Ahead and Innovative Speech Therapy.” Still don’t see it? Your system probably blocked it if you are on my list. It may be that you need to try a different email address. Here is the link to join my email list so you can be “in the know” about upcoming offers or new tech that I’m excited about.