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IST offers a uniquely effective guidance empowering individuals, families and professionals with state-of-the-art local and long-distance therapy, coaching and training programs.

Joan Green is a licensed and certified speech-language pathologist and assistive technology specialist with many years of experience helping children and adults who have communication, cognitive, literacy, learning, and executive functioning challenges.

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Improving Communication, Cognition and Productivity with Tech-Savvy Strategies, Solutions and Support

Services & Support

Individualized Support

Help for individuals who have communication, cognitive, literacy and learning challenges to maximize progress and enhance their overall quality of life. Training for family members, caregivers and professionals who want to learn how best to help someone else reach their goals faster user technology.

Online Learning

Learning is a lifelong process. Please join me for a workshop, webinar or self-directed online course as I help you minimize the frustration and overwhelm most people face when trying to figure out how to use computers, tablets and phones to improve learning, literacy and communication.


"As a child psychologist in private practice and nationally recognized digital parenting expert, I owe Joan Green a debt of gratitude for the time and dedication required to write and update this valuable resource. Ms. Green has done her homework and we are the beneficiaries. Written as a resource guide, it is chock full of important and, for many parents, hidden tools and software applications to help our students achieve. I share this book with parents in my clinical office, school meetings, and parenting workshops. The digital world presents its challenges for all families, and Ms. Green has thoughtfully organized many technology advancements to help us manage and assist our students."


Dr. Adam Pletter, Child Psychologist

“Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day to work with me. Joan your an amazing wealth of information. I think you really have a great package to help people who have been stricken with executive disfunction. I'm so appreciative for your time."


   Marc Sickel
President, Fitness for Health

“Thank you so very much for all that you have done of Nia. I can truly see that you want the best for her and all of your clients. I count it as a blessing that you came into our lives. I look forward to working with you again sometime in the future.”


Mother of daughter with autism

“Thank you so much for sharing your time and resources with our students. I co-coordinate our graduate special educator program along with our ASD Specialist program. All that you have shared is quite essential for supporting all students but particularly students who require visual strategies. I have seen amazing growth through the use of iPad interactions.These are indeed exciting times. I am excited to purchase your new edition when it is released.”

Mickey Pardew
Professor & Coordinator
Special Educator & EI/ECSE Programs
Western Oregon University

“We have been pleased with our consulting sessions with Joan. She did an excellent job selecting, explaining and helping us download and configure specific iPad Apps pertaining to Kristen's cognitive level and communication needs. She also showed us ways to work toward Kristen's learning goals. She has inspired who has a rare multiple MELAS diagnosis & atypical autism, to increase her independence. Happiness is being able to talk to Kristen. Much appreciated!”


Stephanie Chung

“The products by Joan Green will serve as an excellent resource for clinicians and as instructional material for graduate students at the university level who need to be aware of how to integrate technology into treatment approaches and life skills for their clients and their families.”


Speech-Language Pathologist

"I am thrilled that Joan Green is publishing her innovative approaches to speech and language treatment using technology and computerized tools. I was trained by her in the use of technology for therapy. I know first hand the benefits that computers, software, Internet and other assistive communication devices provide for patients and their families."

Speech-Language Pathologist

"With the intensive programs that Joan Green can put together for a patient, both the patient and the family can reap the rewards. The family can learn to become an integral part of the patient's rehabilitation program."

Speech-Language Pathologist

"My therapy goal after my stroke was to return to my attorney practice – a lofty goal for someone who had aphasia and apraxia. IST therapists were instrumental to regain my ability to write. In fact, the only way that I can write this endorsement today, is by using the computer techniques, tools and strategies that I learned at IST. I did return to my job after a while."

Janice Rodriguez

"Joan is a master teacher and clinician, and like all great teachers is able to simplify complex issues and present them in a practical, and applicable way. Joan is very passionate about what she does and has really made the effort for the clinician and family to benefit from her passion, curiosity and hard work and not to forget the fun part of it. Her methods are extremely stimulating."

Luann Jacobs, Speech-Language Pathologist

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